• Customized Trainings
  • Professional Development
  • Workforce Staff Development
  • Coaching/Executive Coaching
  • Essential Skills
  • Employee Retention and Engagement
  • Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Management

Sardar Coaching and Consulting business was founded by Melina Sardar in February of 2013.The
services include professional development training, consulting and coaching. The mission of Sardar
Coaching and Consulting is “Finding Simple Solutions to Complex Human Issues”. Sardar Coaching
and Consulting designs programs incorporating Emotional Intelligence principles for overall personal
and professional success. The customized trainings focus on development and training in the
workforce targeting employees, teams and managers.

For 19 years, Melina Sardar was the lead trainer, facilitator and educational director at Ark Family
Center, Inc., a non-profit organization located in Glendale, California, from 2000 to 2019. Ark Family
Center provides interactive educational seminars and life coaching focused on emotional intelligence
and professional development to increase Self-Awareness, Responsibility and Kindness. She
worked collaboratively with the founder, Dr. Edward Kudaverdian, in assessing community
educational needs and designed, workshops and training programs to serve the community at large.

Website: www.melinasardar.com

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