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Third Sector is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is transforming the way communities connect
people with human services. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a performance-driven social
sector. Third Sector offers expertise in developing innovative strategies that align policy, dollars, data,
and services around improved social outcomes. We advise governments, service providers, and their
partners on how to generate positive, measurable outcomes for the people they serve using public
funding and data. We embrace an equity-centered approach that leverages data and best practices,
while involving those closest to the challenge in designing effective solutions. When our work is
complete, agencies entrusted to use public funds will have the systems, tools, and data to do more and
do better for their communities.

At Third Sector, we understand that WIOA’s intention is to foster and support an integrated workforce
system, and have worked over the past five years to support elements of co-enrollment, intake, and staff
cross-training. We have helped workforce development boards (WDBs) – individually and as a cohort – as well as service providers and American Job Centers (AJCs), align around common goals and objectives and integrate service features with other stakeholders to achieve “one workforce”. Most of these projects involve furthering an integrated approach to workforce development by linking workforce actors to other service actors for coordinated intake and enrollment in the areas of education, justice, and social services. Through stakeholder engagement strategies, advisory groups, multi-agency
demonstration projects, multi-agency data sharing agreements, and multi-jurisdiction learning communities, we help systematize integration and cooperation.

Website: https://www.thirdsectorcap.org/

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