California Workforce Association Board of Directors

Our Board is comprised of the top workforce leaders from across the state of California. Click on their names below to learn more about them.
CWA Executive Committee
Jan Vogel- Board Chair
South Bay WIB Director
Michael Cross – 1st Vice Chair
Northern Rural Training Employment Consortium Director
Teresa Hitchcock – 2nd Vice Chair
Kern, Inyo, Mono WDB Director
Blake Konczal – Treasurer
Fresno WDB Director
Yolanda Castro – Legislative Chair
Southeast Los Angeles County WDB Director
Nick Schultz – Opportunities Chair
Pacific Gateway WDB Director
Reg Javier – Capacity Building Chair
San Bernadino County WDB Director
Stephen Baiter – Immediate Past Board Chair
Oakland WDB Director
David Mirrione – Legislative Vice Chair
Merced WDB Director
Kathy Kossick – Opportunities Vice Chair
Sacramento Works WDB Director
Heather Henry – Capacity Vice Chair
Solano County WDB Director
Gregory Irish – Executive Committee At-Large
City of Los Angeles WDB Director
Patti Castro – Executive Committee At-Large
Alameda County WDB Director
Dave Thoeny – Executive Committee At-Large
Mother Lode WDB Director
Kris Stadelman – Executive Committee At-Large
NOVA Workforce Board (NOVA WB) Director
Adam Peck – Executive Committee At-Large
Tulare County WDB Director
Tony Myrell – Board Member Representative
San Bernardino County WDB Chair
Premier Medical Transportation
Traci Holt – One Stop Operator Representative
Alliance for Workforce Development, Inc. Executive Director
CWA Board Members
Andy Stone
Santa Cruz County WDB Director
Alison Tans
Humboldt County WDB Director
Bruce Wilson
Workforce Alliance of the North Bay Director
Carrie Harmon
Riverside County WDB Director
Cindy Newton
North Central Counties Consortium Director
Chris Donnelly
Monterey County WDB Interim Director
Dawn Boulanger
San Luis Obispo County WDB Director
Debbie Dockins
Mendocino County WIOA Staff Services Administrator
Deborah Sanchez
Santa Ana WDB Economic Development Specialist
website coming soon
Dianne Russell-Carter
Foothill WDB Director
Donna Van Wert
Contra Costa County WDB Interim Director
Doris Foster
Stanislaus County Alliance Worknet Director
Elaine Lytle
Yolo County WIB Director
Enrique Arreola
San Benito County WDB Director
Jason Buckingham
Golden Sierra WDB Director
John Solis
San Joaquin WDB Director
Judith Velasco
Verdugo WDB Director
Kat Daniel
San Francisco Interim WDB Director
Katie Greaves
Sonoma County WIB Director
Luz Flores
Anaheim WDB Interim Director
Lance Lippincott
Kings County Job Training Office Director
Melissa Livingston
Ventura County WDB Director
Monique Melchor
Silicon Valley WIN – Work 2 Future Director
Otto Solorzano
Los Angeles County WDB Administrator
Peter Callstrom
San Diego Workforce Partnership Director
Priscilla Lopez
Imperial County WDB Interim Director
Ray McDonald
Santa Barbara County WDB Director
Sal Vaca
Richmond Works Director
Tracie Scott-Contreras
Madera County WDB Director
California’s Workforce Development System

The statewide workforce development system is comprised of 49 Local Workforce Development Areas (Local Area), each with its own business-led Local Workforce Development Board (Local Board). These Local Boards work in concert with their local Chief Elected Official oversee the delivery of workforce services relevant to their local residents and businesses. Critical to their charge is their oversight of the local One-Stop Career Centers which are the hub of the statewide service delivery vehicle for workforce/education/business services. Workforce funds allocated to Local Boards support the job training, placement, and business services delivered though the One-Stop Career Centers. These Centers, through partnerships with other local, state and federal agencies, education and economic development organizations provide access to job, skill development and business services vital to the social and economic well-being of their communities.

Each Local Workforce Development Board (LWDB) has its own charter, organization, and unique context. What they all share, however, is a set of central roles. Each LWDB provides oversight for the Workforce Investment Act program, acts as a catalyst to provide seamless services among various workforce programs, and provides community leadership around workforce issues.

As community leader, there are five ways that LWDBs can carry out their role, which are the focus of this toolkit. The list is intended to be descriptive, rather than prescriptive – each LWDB in California will find that it incorporates most of these roles in varying degrees in all aspects of their work.

  • CONVENER – Bringing together business, labor, education, and economic development to focus on community workforce issues
  • WORKFORCE ANALYST – Developing, disseminating and understanding current labor market and economic information and trends
  • BROKER – Bring together systems to solve common problems, or broker new relationships with businesses and workers
  • COMMUNITY VOICE – Advocating for the importance of workforce policy, providing perspective about the need for skilled workers
  • CAPACITY BUILDER – Enhancing the region’s ability to meet the workforce needs of local employers

To find your local WDB/WIB Board:

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