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USNRG, Inc. is a California corporation established in 2007, approved as a 501(c)(3) non‐profit
in 2013, providing training, services and support to a wide range of industry actors. Our mission
is to provide marketable and industry‐valued knowledge, skills and technical ability to our
students to help California achieve its energy and climate goals.

Our educational programs are taught by approved instructors that have substantial expertise in
the marketplace and are subject‐matter experts. We provide direct outreach and education to
industry, and we understand the constraints and opportunities in the marketplace. More
specifically, we understand the complexity of training for an ever‐changing market that includes
local and state agencies, community and state colleges, and investor‐owned utilities.

USNRG staff have more than a decade of experience educating market actors and end‐users
with the necessary skills and understanding of energy efficiency, technology, and behaviors that
reduce energy usage, support healthy homes, and lead to improved energy savings for the
consumer and business owner. The firm serves a critically important function ensuring
students and industry stakeholders are educated on the value of the healthy home
marketplace, both from a consumer and a career focus. The impact of energy efficiency
measures on the home environment is still unfolding – energy efficiency retrofits in buildings
create conditions that support improved occupant health and well‐being, particularly among
vulnerable groups. Our courses impart knowledge and technical skills, seeking to connect
workforce education and training directly into the energy industry.

Website: https://www.healthyhomeenvironment.org/

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