• Professional Development and training online and onsite

Mission: Employee Training Institute provides in-demand, high-quality and up-to-date
training for California’s workforce through performance improvement solutions resulting
in economic development, sustainability, and growth.

Established: In 1990, as an auxiliary organization under the umbrella of the San Diego
Community College. In 2013, ETi was merged with the San Diego Continuing Education
Foundation, an existing auxiliary organization.

About ETi
• San Diego Community Colleges District’s Employee Training Institute (ETi)
provides fee-based education and contract education programs to the San Diego
region and beyond, with the goal of empowering students and the business
community to earn degrees and skills certificates within many local industries.
• ETi provides customized training for nonprofit organizations and public entities.
Instruction takes place either at the workplace or in ETi classrooms and learning
labs. We offer day, evening and weekend trainings, developed around the client’s
organizational needs. ETi can also deliver comprehensive state-approved,
accredited degree and certificate programs to your organization’s employees or
• ETi is committed to maintaining our 30-year reputation as the leading workforce
development training institution in the region.


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