WorkLB: support for gig workers

Pacific Gateway’s WorkLB program uses the “CalFLEXI” platform to serve residents needing flexible work, and the businesses that rely on them.

About 20% of adults can’t take a job, full or part time. They have medical issues, or caregiving, parenting or studying commitments that fluctuate day-to-day. A further cohort seek gig work to top up irregular W-2 employment.

In 2020, Pacific Gateway launched the CalFLEXI platform, based on technology developed in UK government programs. It matches work-seekers to personalized ad-hoc periods of work while focused on protections, control, and progression. All employment is W-2 with an intermediary as employer-of-record. The platform covers all types of hourly work, with each customer able to move upwards through better paid roles as they gain skills.

In the pandemic, a first launch focused on responsive at-home childcare for essential workers. Following public consultation, the City Council has now committed funds to expansion across all sectors. The program has won US Conference of Mayors’ prize for best job or economic development initiative in America, been the subject of a New Yorker article, and been analyzed for its policy implications by the Brookings Institute.

WorkLB could be replicated in any area in the state. The platform is particularly suited to Rescue Act priorities such as Community Health Workers/Promotoras, new models of childcare, community safety/support intervention, homeless outreach, and other roles where a localized, responsive, and empowered workforce can be transformational. The workers may be 9-to-5, but they are responding to community needs as an on-demand workforce within their hours.

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